Turkish Islamic Movies

Watch popular Turkish Islamic Movies with Urdu & English Subtitle from kayifamilytv.org. Here is the list of popular:

  • Tozkoporan 1071
  • Turkler Geliyor
  • Malazgirit 1071

Tozkoporan 1071

Turkish Islamic Movie Tozkoporan 1071 is based on the conquest of Alp Arsalan.

Turkler Geliyor

Turkish Islamic Movie Turkler Geliyor.

Malazgirt 1071

Turkish Islamic Movie Malazgirt 1071 is based on the Conquest of Malazgirt. It is one of the greatest battles of Seljuk Empire. The commander, the Ruler and the Fearless warrior who lead the army and who planned all this was Muhammed Alp Arsalan.


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