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Malazgirt 1071

Malazgirt 1071 is a story of one of the great battles of the Muslim world, which left a deep impression on human history. It was a war that ended the dominance of Christianity in Asia Minor. Anatolia laid the foundation of Turkish domination in the region. This war later became the basis of the Crusades, and paved the way for a great Ottoman Empire. The battle was fought between the Muslim Seljuk Turks and the Christian Byzantines at Malazgart (Turkey).

Malazgirt 1071 War

The Seljuk army numbered between 20,000 and 30,000, of Central Asian descent. The Byzantine army numbered 40,000 and included Byzantines as well as mercenaries from Frankish, English, Norman, Georgian, Armenian, Bulgarian, and some Turkish tribes.

In February 1071, Romance sent a delegation to renew the existing treaty between the Seljuks and the Byzantines. Sultan Alp Arslan, unaware of the Byzantine threat, attacked Aleppo and Jerusalem, which were under the control of the Egyptian Fatimids. Byzantines were looking for this opportunity in the deception of the peace agreement. Romans marched towards the Seljuk border with an army of 40,000. As soon as Sultan Alp Arsalan got the news, he returned with an army of 30,000. The two armies met at Malazgart.

The Byzantine army, plagued by internal fiber medicine, poor planning and poor preparation, proved to be a wall of sand against the Seljuks. 8,000 were killed, 4,000 were taken prisoner. Romance was arrested and presented to Sultan Alp Arsalan, who was later released. It was the first time in history that a Christian king had been captured by Muslims on the battlefield.

This war proved to be the first step of the Turks in Anatolia (Turkey), the Turks did not exist in Anatolia before that. But a thousand years after this war, the Turks still dominate the land of Anatolia.
Sultan Muhammad Alp Arsalan Seljuq (Brave Lion)

There have been bloody battles between the Roman and Seljuk armies, but the Battle of Malazgart is the most important of them all, which took place in August 1071 AD.

Ibn Kathir writes that in this battle the king of Rome set out with an army like a mountain. The army included soldiers from Rome, Russia, Britain, and many other countries. Romanos’s war preparations were also good. There were 35 participants in this lashkar. There were also 30,000 foreign and 15,000 warriors from Constantinople. Four hundred ox-carts loaded with soldiers’ uniforms, weapons, horse saddles, maneuvers, and fortifications. Among these catapults was a catapult driven by 1,200 men. Romanos took all this force and went ahead with the aim of eradicating Islam and the people of Islam. He was so proud of his power that even before the conquest, he had declared that Islamic lands would be given to his patriarchs, and even Baghdad was named after a patriarch. His plan was that when the territories of Iraq and Khorasan were conquered, he would attack once and take back the territories of Syria from the Muslims. He was thinking all this and destiny was laughing at him.

Sultan Alp Arsalan and the Roman armies met at Azhua. There were only five days left in the month of Dhi Al-Qaeda. Alp Arsalan was a little upset to see the number of Roman troops, but Abu Nasr Muhammad bin Abdul Malik Bukhari (a Hanafi elder) encouraged him and said that when the preachers were reciting the Friday sermons and praying for the Mujahideen Time to attack the enemy. Allah will grant victory to the Sultan through the prayers of the Muslims.

When the time came for the two armies to enter the field, Alp Arsalan dismounted from his horse. Putting his head on the ground and dusting his forehead, he gathered in the Divine Court for victory and help. And addressed the army who wants to go back, go away, you have permission from me, I do not stop and do not order to go back. I give up, but I will fight this Roman army alone. He threw down his bow and arrow, tied his horse’s tail with his own hands, adorned his armor with swords and said if I am martyred on the battlefield. So this war dress will be my shroud.

The Roman army and the Roman emperor Romanus were captured by the Muslim army. When the Roman emperor was presented to Sultan Alp Arslan, the Sultan struck him three times with his hand and asked: What would you do to me if I was arrested and presented to you? “I used to treat you very badly,” said Romanos. The Sultan asked, “What do you think of me?” Romanos said he would either kill me or publicize me in his country or pardon me for ransom. Alp Arslan said, “I forgive you. Your punishment is enough to be remembered as a defeated king.” In the same way Sultan Alp Arslan was victorious in Malazgart and the doors of Anatolia were opened forever for the Turks.

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