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Kurulus Osman Episode 119

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Summary of Kurulus Osman Episode 119

“Today, Öktem Bey starts the case! Tomorrow, Osman Bey!
Will Osman Bey be able to avenge Öktem Bey?

Öktem Bey’s martyrdom brought sadness to Yenişehir. Osman Bey, on the other hand, emphasizes the magnitude of the case and expresses his determination by saying: “Today, Öktem Bey will give his head, tomorrow Osman Bey!” Will Osman Bey be able to avenge Öktem Bey?

Nayman’s surprising offer!

After killing Öktem, Nayman makes Osman Bey a surprising offer. He wants Osman Bey to be his commander. Ismihan Sultan says that Osman Bey will never accept Nayman’s offer. Nayman is confident. Osman Bey will be his commander. For what purpose does Osman Bey do this? How will Ismihan Sultan respond to Osman Bey’s move?

Bengi Hatun site

Bengi Hatun Osman Bey is on my site. He punches Nayman’s offer in Osman Bey’s face. It is a disappointment to Bengi Hatun that Osman Bey did not reject Nayman’s offer in the first place. Even the prospect of accepting Nayman’s offer drives Bengi Hatun crazy. Why didn’t Osman Bey reject the offer?

Nayman calls Ismihan Sultan to account

Nayman goes to ask Ismihan Sultan for an account. He won’t forgive Ismihan for doing business behind his back. Ismihan tells Nayman that he should look at Osman Bey. Will Ismihan be able to overcome Nayman’s anger?

Will Bala and Malhun Hatunlar be able to stop Nayman’s plan?

Nayman is determined to increase his dominance in the Edge. For this reason, the Turkmen will kidnap the children of the obas and start raising them as nöker. Malhun Hatun and Bala Hatun receive the news of this. Will the girls be able to stop Nayman from kidnapping the children?

Nayman’s eyes are on Orhan and Alaeddin Bey

While all eyes were on the children of the Turkmen tribes, Nayman fixed his gaze on Orhan Bey and Alaeddin Bey. Will Nayman kidnap Orhan Bey and Alaeddin Bey?

The production and design of the project belong to Mehmet Bozdağ; The series, directed by Ahmet Yılmaz and starring Burak Özçivit as Osman Bey, will continue to mark Wednesday afternoons on the ATV screen.

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