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Kurulus Osman Episode 114

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Summary of Kurulus Osman Episode 114

“You will fight with Nayman! with me!”
Nayman enters Konya with 40 thousand nöker

The news that Nayman entered Konya with forty thousand bombers makes everyone nervous. Osman Bey is aware of the danger. What will be Osman Bey’s first step in this regard?

“Either you fight Nayman or me!”

Osman Bey is determined to fight Nayman. He will call all the tribes to Gaza. But Gentlemen, do not take this call well. They signal that they will leave Osman Bey alone saying: “Whoever brought us this problem will be rid of him.” Will Osman Bey be able to unite with his beys?

Ismihan Sultan’s plan for Nayman!

Ismihan Sultan will also implement his plan to take action against Nayman. “If we can’t stop Nayman, we will lose everything, not İnegöl.” He started working to persuade the Turkish knights. What will Ismihan Sultan do to turn the danger of Nayman in his favor?

Ismihan Sultan is determined to make Osman Bey feel the pain of a child!

Although Ismihan Sultan seems to have secured peace, he did not go down the ambush of war against Osman Bey. He is determined to make Osman Bey feel the pain of a child. He will poison Orhan with the pus of his brother Alaeddin and he will do worse than die. Orhan’s poisoning fell like fire in the midst of the camp. What will Orhan’s fate be?

What will Turgut Bey do against the fall of İnegöl?

Inegol is now in the hands of Olof. What kind of move will Osman Bey make to get to know the inside face of this situation? How will Turgut Bey ask Olof to explain his lost castle?

Is Olof and Ismihan Sultan’s alliance coming to an end?

How will Olof, who disowned İnegöl from Ismihan Sultan, take a stand against Ismihan Sultan? Will the alliance between Olof and Ismihan Sultan end? On the other hand, Bayındır Bey was sharp against Osman Bey. What will Bayındır Bey do against Osman Bey, whom he accuses of driving the Mongols to extremes?

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