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Kurulus Osman Episode 112

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Summary of Kurulus Osman Episode 112

“You can’t take my son, but my son will take a lot from you!”
Sultan Alaeddin gives the death sentence for Osman Bey!

Osman Bey, who came to the Marmaracik fortress to save Bala Hatun and Sheikh Edebali, was taken by Sultan Alaeddin, who came to Hisar. What will be the fate of Bala Hatun and Sheikh Edebalı, whom Ismihan Sultan sentenced to death? On the other hand, Sultan Alaeddin gave the death sentence to Osman Bey, who took steps to dethrone him. What will be the reaction of the people to this decision?

Ismihan Sultan’s new plan!

Ismihan Sultan is not satisfied with Sultan Alaeddin’s decision regarding Osman Bey. His plan for Osman Bey is very different. What is this plan? Ismihan Sultan will have Osman Bey kidnapped by Kantakouzenos and Olof to put his plan into action. But he will throw it saying “Osman Bey has escaped”. What is Ismihan Sultan’s new plan?

Osman Bey is setting a big trap.

Osman Bey is in the hands of Olof and Kantakuzenos. But Kantakouzenos and Olof unexpectedly fall into Osman Bey’s trap. Kantakouzenos’s collar is under Osman Bey’s cloak. Will Osman Bey take the head of Kantakouzenos?

Will Bengi Hatun part ways with Ismihan Sultan?

Bengi Hatun finds out that Ismihan Sultan is performing with Olof. The reaction will be huge. Will the threads be broken between Ismihan Sultan and Bengi Hatun?

Will Kayı leave Yenişehir?

While Ismihan Sultan wanted to prevent Osman Bey from acting, on the other hand, he decided to expel the Kayis from Yenişehir. Will the Kayis leave Yenişehir? How will this news resonate in Yenişehir?

How will Malhun Hatun guarantee peace in Yenişehir?
The people of Yenişehir, who are fighting hunger on the one hand and disease on the other, find themselves in a difficult situation. How will Malhun Hatun deal with all these problems in the absence of Osman Bey?

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