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Kurulus Osman Episode 110

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Summary of Kurulus Osman Episode 110

“I am the nightmare of the oppressors, Osman Bey!”
How will Osman Bey act against this decree when Sultan Alaeddin gives Osman Bey’s death sentence in Osman? On the other hand, what kind of plan will Osman Bey make to seize Ismihan Sultan’s seal with the information he learned from Sultan Mesud?

Osman Bey’s Ismihan Sultan Plan!

Osman Bey receives very important information from Sultan Mesud. This information is the seal on Ismihan Sultan. Osman Bey gives the task of obtaining this seal to Bala Hatun to prevent Ismihan Sultan. Will Bala Hatun be victorious in this mission? Will Osman Bey be able to prevent Ismihan Sultan with this plan?

Will Sultan Mesud be saved?

Sultan Alaeddin made the decision for him. He gave the death sentence to Osman Bey and Sultan Mesud. The vizier Saveli assigns Samagar for this. Samagar severely wounds Sultan Mesud. Will Sultan Mesud be saved?

Osman Bey takes steps to reclaim the castles

Osman Bey has no intention of leaving the lost castles in the hands of the infidels. How will Osman Bey get the castles back? What is Osman Bey’s big plan? How will Ismihan Sultan respond to Osman Bey’s move?

Ismihan Sultan and Malhun Hatun face to face

Ismihan Sultan continues to play in Yenişehir to feed the famine. Malhun Hatun, on the other hand, makes his own moves to take the game out of him. Will Malhun Hatun be able to stop Ismihan Sultan?

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