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Kurulus Osman Episode 107

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Summary of Kurulus Osman Episode 107

“Inegol is not yours!”
Ismihan Sultan’s plan to make Osman Bey live in hell!

The secret headquarters and conquest plans prepared by Osman Bey for Köprühisar became popular with Ismihan Sultan with the news of the headquarters raid. While preparations for the conquest of Köprühisar increase tension between Osman Bey and Ismihan Sultan, where will the showdown between Osman Bey and Ismihan Sultan over the headquarters issue lead? Ismihan Sultan will make all kinds of plans to hold them accountable. Will Ismihan Sultan be able to create a “big hell” for Osman Bey?

How did Bala Hatun survive the attack?

Bala Hatun, her sisters, and Alps were in a difficult situation when Olof and Frigg stormed the headquarters. How did Bala Hatun survive Olof and Frigg’s attack? How will Osman Bey react to Bala Hatun?

Will Ismihan Sultan take Konur Alp with her?

As Osman Bey blames Konur Alp for the raid on the headquarters, Konur Alp will give Osman Bey an unexpected reaction. Osman Bey does not forgive this reaction and gives the necessary response. But how will things turn out for Osman Bey, who is feeling increasingly alone? On the other hand, the new target of Ismihan Sultan, who managed to lure Turgut Bey to his side, is Konur Alp. Will Ismihan Sultan be able to take Konul Alp with her?

The trap set for Osman Bey by Aktemur

Among all that happened, Aktemur’s kidnapping shook the mansion. Will Osman Bey be able to find Aktemur? What will be the fate of Aktemur? Ismihan Sultan plans to shoot Osman Bey where he didn’t expect it, while he was behind Aktemur. Will his plan work? What will be Osman Bey’s counterattack?

What will be the move of Osman Bey, who broke the bridges with Ismihan Sultan?

Osman Bey was surrounded on all sides by Ismihan Sultan. While Ismihan Sultan was preparing deadly traps for Osman Bey and his family through Olof, he also lured Turgut Bey to his side. Ismihan Sultan makes a move to lure out Konur Alp, who has fallen out with Osman Bey. His goal is to isolate Osman Bey and seize his principality and property with an edict. How will Osman Bey get out of this deadlock he got himself into? What is the plan of Osman Bey, who rested himself by saying “You haven’t seen anything yet” to Ismihan Sultan? How will Ismihan respond to Sultan? Will he Conquer the Köprühisar in spite of everything?

Will Osman Bey get Inegol back from Turgut Bey?

Osman Bey has now burned the ships. He confronts Turgut Bey and says that he will take İnegöl from him. Where will the tension between the two end? Will Osman Bey take both Inegol and his life from Turgut Bey?

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