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Kurulus Osman Episode 106

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Summary of Kurulus Osman Episode 106

“This is a struggle for existence for us!”
Nothing and no one can stop Osman Bey.

Osman Bey burned all the ships. Whoever stands before him will be destroyed. Nothing and no one can stop Osman Bey! He is determined to conquer Köprühisar. How will the presence of the headquarters on the enemy front resonate as work continues in full swing at the headquarters he established for this purpose? Will Olof and his men devise a plan to destroy the headquarters?

Great obstacle to great love!

In the love of Aktemur and Alçiçek, the obstacle of Bayındır has arisen. Bayındır will want Alçiçek to himself. Hearing this, what will Aktemur Bey do now? Osman Bey will want Alçicek for Aktemur. Will Ismihan Sultan be able to prevent the love of Alçiçek and Aktemur?

Ismihan Sultan’s plan

Ismihan Sultan is disturbed by Osman’s conquests. “You all know what the end of this rebellion is.” How will the fire of sedition, which he spread by saying, affect Osman Bey? Will Ismihan Sultan form a new alliance with Osman Bey’s arch-enemies?

Is Turgut Bey betraying Osman Bey?

What will be the tension between Osman Bey and Turgut Bey?

Will Turgut Bey become one with Ismihan Sultan and face Osman? Will he take the catapults to Osman Bey or will he betray him? Where will the tension between Osman Bey and Turgut Bey lead?

The great danger that lies in wait for Osman Bey

What is the great danger that awaits Osman Bey as Osman Bey continues his preparations for conquest?

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 106 with English Subtitle

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 106 with English Subtitle

kurulus osman episode 106, kayifamilytv

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