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Kurulus Osman Episode 103

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Summary of Kurulus Osman Episode 103

“Alps! Everyone will be punished!”
Osman Bey is establishing a tribunal

In chapter 103 of ‘Kurulus Osman’; Aktemur’s shootout completely broke the ropes for Osman Bey. Osman Bey sets up a court to try both Öktem Bey, who is responsible for stealing the gold, and his daughter, Alçiçek Hatun, for injuring Aktemur Bey. With the establishment of a court following Osman Bey’s decision, justice will now be served. What kind of move will Osman Bey make for the establishment of justice?

Olof’s plan is to burn Yenişehir!

Olof, who is the game scenario planner for Osman Bey, Öktem Bey and his daughter Alçiçek, will attend the court where Öktem Bey and his daughter will be tried as spectators. The tension that builds when Olof joins the court pushes him to make a ruthless plan… Burn Yenişehir! An irreversible war has begun between Olof and Osman Bey, who took action. Olof intends to shoot Osman from an unexpected place. How will Osman Bey, who walks towards the traps, take a position? What will be Osman Bey’s move? Will Osman Bey punish Olof? Konur Alp, who was leaked to Konstantiniyye by Osman Bey under the name of Sarkis, is attacked by Olof. What is the last wait for Konur Alp?

Big scare for Alçicek

Öktem Bey’s obsession is with confusion… Although Alçiçek is upset by the court’s decision, he is also dismayed by the punishments meted out to him and his father. Will Alçiçek Hatun submit to the decision or can she absolve herself? What will be the fate of Aktemur, who was seriously injured?

Is Bengi Hatun starting a civil war?

Turgut Bey comes face to face with Bengi Hatun who plans to rebel against his Bey after the court decision. Turgut Bey warned Bengi Hatun many times. Will Turgut Bey be able to avoid internal turmoil? Tension has also increased between Malhun Hatun and Bengi Hatun. Will Malhun Hatun be able to turn Bengi Hatun back from his decision? Will his brother’s blood be spilled in Öktem’s gang? Can inner peace be established?

Will Kantakouzenos be able to put his new plan into action?

As Olof and Kantakouzenos’ cooperation continues, Olof will lead things to a dead end with an impulsive move. Kantakouzenos’ agenda is completely different… he plans to go to Istanbul and return with a large army. Will Kantakouzenos be able to take this great army under his command?

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