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Kurulus Osman Episode 102

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Summary of Kurulus Osman Episode 102

I swear we will hang them from the gallows!

Olof finally puts his treacherous plan into motion… Osman Bey will be ambushed when he returns from Constantinople. Will Osman Bey get rid of this trap set by Olof and Frigg? How will Osman Bey get out of this pressure in which he fell? Osman Bey is aware that the kidnapping of his children, Alaeddin and Orhan, and the slander against Öktem Bey are part of a big game.

What moves will Osman Bey take to resolve the matter inside? All arrows point to Ophelia, what will Osman Bey do about it? On the other hand, Emperor Andronikos orders Olof to kill Osman Bey and his daughter Ophelia. Will Emperor Andronikos betray Osman Bey, who broke the peace agreement he made with Osman Bey and saved him from death? Osman Bey takes action to disrupt the big game set up for him. What will be Osman Bey’s move? What does Osman Bey, who receives Prince Kantakouzenos in Yenişehir, want to keep close to him?

Did Alçiçek Hatun, who was very angry after the chaos in her obsession and her father Öktem’s arrest, take her anger out on Aktemur? All the evidence points to Alçiçek Hatun in the Aktemur shooting… Did Alçiçek shoot Aktemur, or was Alçiçek a game like her father Öktem Bey? What kind of fate awaits Aktemur, who is seriously injured?

In the absence of Osman Bey, tensions continue in the highlands. kantakouzenos; He was shot at the Öktem camp, but after what happened, he took another step towards targeting him. Öktem Bey will now be the victim of a new calumny. Will Öktem Bey, who has been arrested, be able to acquit himself?

Bengi Hatun gathers the beys from her tribe after Öktem Bey’s arrest. Important decisions are made at the established wedding. Will these decisions create a dichotomy in the lands under Osman Bey’s rule? How will Kayılar avoid this possibility? Bayındır Bey, who would benefit more from duality, is now looking for the lost fiscal gold that will go to Byzantium. Will Bayındır Bey be able to achieve this goal?

How long will Frigg be able to keep up the role of Martha, who is at the center of evil? Will Bala Hatun and Malhun Hatun see Frigg’s true face?

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