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Kurlus Osman Episode 78

Watch the most awaited episode of the Turkish Drama from last 2 weeks, Kurlus Osman Episode 78 or Bolum 78 on our website kayifamilytv .org

Previous Episode was all about the Osman Bey and Koses Made a plan to trap Vazir Alam Shah & Koses in Baizentain Fort. Osman Bey trapped Vazir Alam Shah in his room alone.

Vazir Alam Shah’s bodyguards trying to open door from outside…

Review of Kurlus Osman Episode 78

According to his plan, Usman burns Wazir Alam Shah alone in the Belgian fort. But the news of this plan has already reached Wazir Alam Shah. Nicola is informed that a plan has been hatched between Rogatos, Kosas, and Usman by Julia, Rogatos’ special soldier, which is why Usman’s plan does not work, and Usman is thrown into the basement with his soldiers.

In the basement, Usman and his soldiers are subjected to all sorts of atrocities, but they quietly endure it.

Rogatos, on the other hand, is informed that his plan has been thwarted, and he escapes at once, and takes refuge with a friend of Uthman’s herdsman.

There is something else going on in the mind of Wazir Alam Shah in Sugut. Instead of sending Usman to the Sultan, he insists on hanging him there. Meanwhile, Gunduz arrives there, and begs the minister to send him to the sultan instead of punishing him, leaving the decision to the sultan. The minister agrees on one condition, that Gundoz be appointed as the new chief of the Qai tribe, which Gundoz accepts.

But even after these words, the next day, the minister hangs Shah Usman on the gallows, and as soon as Usman hangs from the gallows, he hits his legs and hands, suddenly an arrow comes from one direction and hits Usman’s gallows. The bite goes away. In this way Usman escapes from the gallows.

Seeing this, Wazir Alam Shah becomes furious, and asks who shot this arrow? So the answer is that the Sultan has summoned Uthman to his Konya, so he cannot be punished.

One night before the archer, Connor Alp, Wazir Alam Shah’s special soldier and servant, had planned to rescue Usman from the gallows.

After being released from the gallows, Usman is taken to Konya with his soldiers. Maria, on the other hand, is sent to Constantinople by Nicola with her soldiers.

On the way to Usman Sardar’s Konya, Goktuk somehow manages to escape, but the rest of the people travel in the same way. Wazir Alam Shah goes to the Mongol chief Gehato for help, and asks Usman not to reach Konya.

Gihatu listens to him and gets ready to help Wazir Alam Shah. At night, Uthman takes refuge in a cave under the supervision of Seljuk soldiers, including his own.

Now Nicola is again taking Koss to Constantinople. There is an attack, and the Turgut chiefs come and free them from this shackles.

The next day, when the Seljuk soldiers set out for Konya with Usman and his special troops, the whole city of the Mongols came from one side. Which is seen to be led by Gehato.

Goktuk, who had escaped from the control of the Seljuk soldiers, was captured by the Mongols. And with that, Gehatu comes before Usman. And pierces the sword through the middle of his belly.

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