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Kurlus Osman Episode 98

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Summary of Kurlus Osman Episode 98

‘Alpine! We’re taking the New Town!’
The fate of Aygül Hatun

For Osman Bey, the target is now Yenişehir. While Osman Bey and his Alps besiege Yenişehir, Bala, Malhun, Ayşe, Aygül Hatunlar and sisters, they will not sit still. Will the Hatuns infiltrating the castle in disguise be able to take down the enemy from within? What will be the fate of Aygül Hatun, who was wounded by an arrow while fighting fiercely with the enemy?

Will the women be able to save the prisoners?

It is owned by Auburn Abdal, Demirci Davud and Akca Dervish Romanos. Romanos is ready to do anything to solve Osman Bey’s game. Will Kumral Abdal, Akça Derviş and Demirci Davud be able to withstand the torture of Romanos? Will Bala, Malhun and other Hatuns be able to save them?

Blacksmith David throws himself forward

Osman Bey encounters fierce resistance in Yenişehir, where he stands on his doorstep. Osman Bey will let his intelligence speak, as well as his wrist strength for the conquest of Yenişehir. What is Osman Bey’s ingenious plan? Finally, the Kayı Alps arrive at the gates of Yenişehir… Romanos and his soldiers, astonished at what they have witnessed, try to play a dirty game… In the most difficult moments of the war, blacksmith David, at the expense of of his life, throws himself forward so that the Kayı flag can flutter. Will David the smith be saved?

Osman Bey carries out Romanos’ sentence

Osman Bey and the Alps conquer Yenişehir. Osman Bey, fighting Romanos, grabs his head and cuts his sentence. This is another victory, but will it be a new problem for Osman Bey, the people of Yenişehir?

Sultan’s response to the capture of Yenişehir

Osman Bey’s conquest of Yenişehir will mean that he becomes the dominant power in Bithynia. How will Osman Bey’s successive conquests resonate in Konya? How will Sultan Alaeddin react to the capture of Yenişehir?

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