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Kurlus Osman Episode 85

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Summary of Kurlus Osman Episode 85

Osman Bey comes to terms with his eternal enemies!
The great danger that awaits Konur

After a long and difficult process, Osman Bey is finally in Kayı Obası. His first goal is to capture his eternal enemies Geyhatu and Vizier Alemşah. What strategy will Osman Bey follow in line with his goals? Vizier Alemşah, suspecting Konur, reveals Konur Alp’s relationship with Osman Bey. What great danger awaits Konur?

Osman Bey breaks bridges with Sultan Mesud

Osman Bey is preparing a big game to catch Wesir Alemşah and Geyhatu. At the end of the game, both the Vizier and Geyhatu are in his hands. Will Osman Bey be able to find out anything about his secret partner from Wesir Alemşah? The glass overflows for the Seljuk Sultan Mesud, who thinks he has been cheated by Osman Bey and comes to Kayı Obasi from Konya. He asks Osman Bey to give him the Vizier Alemşah and Geyhatu. Osman Bey throws the bridges with Sultan Mesud and says, “Let those blind eyes open. Let the blood of the oppressors flow.”

Who kills Umur Bey and why?

An unexpected guest comes to Oba, which is hailed by the birth of Alaeddin. Who are these guests who will bring about great changes in Oba? For what purpose did they come to the Kayi tribe? While Osman Bey, who conquered Geyhatu and Vizier Alemşah, achieved a great victory, the tribe was shaken by the news of Umur Bey. The funeral of Umur Bey, who was martyred under the auspices of returning from pilgrimage, was brought to Kayı Obası. Who and why killed Umur Bey when Malhun Hatun was devastated by her father’s murder?

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