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Kurlus Osman Episode 84

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Summary of Kurlus Osman Episode 84

“There is an inner birth! Let Bala my mother! Take me, let’s go!”
Vizier Alemşah raids the Kayı tribe and arrests the chicks!

While Osman Bey surprised Geyhatu, he suddenly found Vizier Alemşah in front of him. They are in a big hut. Osman Bey comes out of the grip to catch Geyhatu. He starts tracking down Geyhatu. But the remaining Alps were wounded and conquered by Vizier Alemşah. What will be the fate of the Alps?

Bala Hatun’s labor has begun. While Bala’s birth in Kayı Obası is in a hurry, Vizier Alemşah falls in the trunk like lightning. Vizier Alemşah is determined to take his anger out on Osman from his wives. He will judge women. He has her arrested and makes his way to Söğüt. Bala’s pain doesn’t stop. How do women get out of their difficult situation?

Despite his serious injury, Geyhatu manages to cleverly hide. But Osman always has a plan. How will Osman Bey catch Geyhatu? On the one hand, Osman Bey, who is trying to hold Geyhatu accountable, gets the message from Bala Hatun. Will Osman Bey be able to see Bala Hatun?

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Kurlus Osman Episode 84 English Subtitle

Kurlus Osman Episode 84 Urdu Subtitle

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