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Kurlus Osman Episode 81

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Summary of Kurlus Osman Episode 81

“In my tradition, there is no mercy for the oppressor!”
While Usman was reckoning with Bay Wazir Aleema, Gehato was at the door! Before the war the bloody Söğüt, Kayı Obası and Sheikh Edebalı’s lodge were surrounded by the Mongols. What will Usman Bay do to break this siege?

Knowing that Usman Bay is now facing Gehato, the Gonds Bay embarks on an irreversible path. While Gihato has mobilized all means to eliminate Osman Bay, he intends to eliminate Techforce to become the sole dominant force in Bethany.

How will Osman save Bey Söğüt from the Ghetto and the Mongols? How will Gündüz react to Bey Geyhatu’s move? Will Usman Bekfor punish Nicola? Will Kayı Obası escape his siege?

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  1. I enjoy this series and it is very frustrating that English Subtitles are not available on many You Tube episodes ( even though they are advertised as having English Subtitles). I do not like having to watch these on my computer (English Subtitles are available ). It ties up my computer for hours.
    Thanks for your assistance.

    1. Now, we only provide English & Urdu Subtitles!
      If there is a big audience in Spanish Language, We will try to come with Spanish also 🙂

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