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Kurlus Osman Episode 77

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Summary of Kurlus Osman Episode 77

Osman Bey confronts his brother Gündüz Bey and vizier Alemşah!
Sheikh Edebalı is thrown into the dungeon

Vizier Alemşah, who learns that Kayı Alps has been kidnapped, becomes furious and throws Şeyh Edebalı into the dungeon. While Osman Bey sets out his strategy to rescue Sheikh Edebalı, he plans to break the alliance between Vizier Alemşah and tekfurlar and target the İnegöl market. Kosses, who joined Osman Bey to avenge Mari’s death from Nikola, tries to attract Rogatus to his side.

Osman Bey returns to Kayı Obası

Osman Bey secretly takes to Kayı Obası and confronts his older brother Gündüz Bey harshly. Osman Bey asks his brother to explain that he is sitting on the post as principality in his absence, and Osman Bey then stands in front of vizier Alemşah, who declared himself a rebel, and puts his sword around his neck. What will be Osman Bey’s plan to save Sheikh Edebalı? What is the danger waiting for Osman Bey, who secretly goes to Kayı Obası? Will Osman Bey be able to break the alliance between Vizier Alemşah and Tekfurs? How will Osman Bey deal with Vizier Alemşah? What will be the new feature of Gündüz Bey, which sits on the apricot skin?

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