Kurulus Osman Season 3

Kurlus Osman Episode 72

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Summary of Kurlus Osman Episode 72

Usman Bay’s fearless movement

Osman Bey and the Alps launched a deadly operation at Bilecik Castle, in which they secretly entered. Turgat Bay, which managed to reach Techfour Rotagus and was allowed to enter the fort by Usman Bay, is in great danger.

Nicola wants to marry Marie.

Tekfurlar, who is plotting to seize Söğüt using Father Gregor, is ready for a new blow against Usman Bay. Nickelodeon’s announcement that he wants to marry Marie Koussa is confusing. Usman B. wants to defeat the Takfuris on the battlefield by devising a cunning plan to save the Turkmen children who were abducted and forcibly converted.

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How will Usman get out of the palace?

How will Usman Bay and his Alps get out of Blackcastle? What will be the outcome of TechForce’s collaboration with Father Gregor? What is Usman Bay’s move to rescue the hostage children that will surprise everyone? What will be the reaction of Marie Coss when Tekfer Nicola wants to marry her? What will be the fate of traitors in Kayı Obası?

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