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Kurlus Osman Episode 71

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Summary of Kurlus Osman Episode 71

Severe blow to Kayı Obası

The simultaneous poisoning of Osman Bey in Nikea and the simultaneous attack on Kayı Obası dealt a severe blow to Kayıs. Usman Bay, who cleverly removed Nicola’s poisonous net, stood in front of Tekfer Rogats to demand an account of the first attack!

Usman Bay and Turgat Bay face to face

On the other hand, the murder of Gonka Haton by the assassin Julia sets everyone’s heart on fire, especially Boran Alp. Tekfurs, whose confidence is heightened by the attacks on Usman Bay and Kayı Obası, kidnaps Kayı children who are studying and targets Söğüt. As Usman is impatiently plotting against all this, he finds Turgat Bay in front of him.

Will Usman find the innocent?

How to get rid of Osman Bey Nikea’s poisonous trap? Caught unprepared to attack Obama, how will Keller avoid a deadly murder? Will Bala Hatun be able to protect Orhan? Will Usman Bay find out the culprits of Kayı Obası and Nikea attacks? How will Gonka Hatton’s death affect Boran Alp? What kind of net will Tekfurlar set to capture St? What will Usman Baytfors do for the return of the abducted students?

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