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Kurlus Osman Episode 70

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Summary of Kurlus Osman Episode 70

Techforler is a body.

While Usman Bay’s conquests and the capture of Tekfor’s caravan in the 70th episode of “Establishment Usman” have had a devastating effect on the region, the Tekfors have hatched a treacherous plan to eliminate Usman Bay and his son Orhan. Were increasing day by day. When Usman B decides to go to Nike to meet with the governor to resolve the trade issue, Tekfors also takes action.

Marie, Coss visited Turgut Alp.

Malhon Hatoon, who wants to go with Usman Bay on this journey, entrusts Orhan to Bala Hatoon. Osman Bey and Malhun Hatun Nikea await the deadly trap laid by Tekfurs on the road. Mari Kouss, who thinks that Turgut Alp will fill the gap created by the demise of Usman Bay, joins Turgut Alp to increase her influence.

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Will Bala Hatun be able to protect Orhan?

How will Usman Bay defeat the traps created for him? Is Kayı Obası in danger in the absence of Usman Bay? Will he be able to save Bala Haton Orhan from the treacherous plan of Techforce? Who is the secret agent of Tekfurs who broke into Kayı Obası? Will the Catalans cooperate with Techforce? What is Usman B waiting for on the way to Nikea? What will happen when Mari Koss and Turgat Alp meet?

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