Kurulus Osman Season 3

Kurlus Osman Episode 69

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Summary of Kurlus Osman Episode 69

Surprise from Usman Bay to Techforce!

Tekfurs Nikola, Kosses and Rogatus, who see their only chance against Usman Bay as joining the forces, are now sitting at the same table as friends. A big surprise awaits Techforce who invite Usman Bay to their meetings.

Malhon Haton is going to the battlefield!

Malhon Hatoun, who went to Harmankia Fortress to gather intelligence and met Marie Kouss, was informed that a large caravan was approaching from Damascus. Usman Bay devised a clever plan to use this intelligence to his advantage and to strike a blow against Techforce. Malhon Hatoon told Usman Bay that she wanted to join the war. Disturbed by Pastor Gregor’s meeting with Christians, Techforce makes new decisions to thwart Osman Bay’s attempts to increase its influence in the region.

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Will Turgat Alp join forces with Usman Bay?

What strategy will Usman Bay devise for this raid that will affect the fate of the region? What will Tekfurlar do to save its caravans from Usman Bay? What role will Turgat Alp play in the raid of the caravan? What effect will Father Gregor’s meeting with Christians have on Usman Bay’s influence in the region? What will change the return of Malhon Haton to the battlefield? How will Tekfur Rogatus respond to the death of his most trusted commander?

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