Destan Episode

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Full Details of Destan

Release Date: November 23, 2021 (Turkey)
Country of origin: Turkey
Official site: atv
Language: Turkish
Filming locations: Istanbul, Turkey
Production company: Bozdag Films

kayifamilytv Destan Episode

Destan Episode

Destan Episode 1

Akiz and Batuga’s ‘Epic’ begins

In the first part of the epic; In the 8th century, there was a savage reign in Central Asia, in lands where Islam had not yet been converted. China is pointing to Turkey’s leg, Russia is waiting in Varangin, Mongol, Sogdian, Persian nets. As if this is not enough, the Turkish tribes who call one arm “Atam” are fighting against each other. There is intense animosity between Gök Khanate and Dag Khanate, both of whom are Turks.

In these political circumstances, the great Khan of Gök Khanate, Alpago Khan, has decided to take the daughter of his brother Balmir Yabgu, whom he suspects of rebellion, as a bride for his lame son Batuga. He gathers his family and goes to the West Gok Khanat to ask for a girl. Along the way a great danger awaits them: the mountain warrior Akiz, who has been burning in the fire of revenge since childhood!

kayifamilytv Destan Episode

Destan Episode 2

A struggle for the throne begins which will upset the whole balance.
In the second part of the epic; Akiz, taking advantage of the situation, seeks revenge on Alpago Khan, whom she has been seeking for years, and injures the ruler of Gok Khanet with her arrows. While Alpago Khan is immediately taken to the palace, Saltuk, who goes to Mountain Khanet to find those responsible for the attack, takes Akiz hostage.

The fact that Alpago Khan is on the verge of death intensifies the throne war in Gok Khante Palace. While Kaya Tegan and Timur Tegan are arguing over who should take the throne, their uncle Balmir is lying in wait. Akiz, who was brought to the palace as a prisoner, meets Batuga, whom she had not forgotten since childhood.

Destan Episode 3

The fate of Batuga and Akiz has been drawn together.
In the third part of the epic, Akiz, captured by the heavens, waits for Ovalpin Han to pay the ransom set by Gok Surrey and save him. However, due to the trap laid by Gok, the lives of Colpin Han and the mountain prisoners are in danger. Alpago Khan, who does not know that the archer who shot him is imprisoned in his palace, wakes up but hides him from everyone.

While he was dying, his brother Balmir and his sons Kaya and Timur got into trouble with the state, which upset Alpago Khan. The decisions of Mountain Khan Kolpan Khan and Gok Khan Alpago Khan tie an inseparable knot in the destiny of Akiz and Batuga. Did the sharp swords of the cells bleed the hearts of both our heroes this time?

Destan Episode 4

Akiz, who does not accept imprisonment, is looking for a way to escape from the palace.
In the fourth part of the epic, Ackız’s days of slavery begin in Gök Saray. Akiz, who despite being sealed on his skin, refuses to become a slave, swears to kill Alpago Khan and escape from Sky Palace, and carries out his plan. Ulu Ece is determined to make mountain girls, which reminds her of Kuma Hatun Talisman, sadly she was born.

As a result of repeated injustices, Akiz finds himself in front of Timur Tagin. Batuga, on the other hand, desperately tries to save Akiz from the torment of Ulu Ece and kidnap him from the palace. Despite his wounds, Alpago Khan returned to his throne and pursued the archer who tried to kill him. Alpago Han’s investigation gradually reaches Saltuk and Kolpin, and therefore Akiz.

Destan Episode 5

Akiz is facing death!
In the fifth episode of ‘Destan’, Akkız realizes who is the two-headed wolf he swore to be his paw at a young age. He kneels before Batuga and shouts and greets him like an inn that unites mountains and sky. Akiz not only found purpose in his life but also found out that Batuga’s mother was innocent.

Batuga and Akiz follow this trail together. Akiz manages to get Alpago Han’s attention and meet him with a Batuga game, but he has to leave the palace and reach Ovalpen Han to prove Talisman Hatun’s innocence. Attempts to kill Alpago Khan in his room at the palace kill Akiz. And when he found the purpose of his life.

Destan Episode 6

After gaining his independence, Akiz declared war on Sky Palace!
Akaz is surrounded.

Balmir, who catches a Muslim Arab boy who knows that Akiz has a claw in the sixth installment of ‘Epic’, shows the boy at the engagement party of Batuga and Krasnik and lets all the invited gentlemen know that Alpago Khan has hanged the wrong culprit. This move by Qutb Balamir forces Alpago Khan to wash his throne and Akiz from his life.

Batuga buried his pain in his heart.

Alpago takes a very clever step to secure his throne, but Akiz has to escape the secret route that Batuga has opened for Yemen. Akiz and Batuga, two parts of destiny, are dragged in two different directions. Batuga buries his pain in his heart and tries to save the Muslim boy by playing a game against Kaya’s mental game alone. Akiz, who is followed by all Gok, takes a step that surprised everyone, including Batuga.

Destan Episode 7

Will Batoga and Akiz be able to expose Balmeier’s fraud?
Knowing that Balmir would shed blood and blame the claws, Akiz returned to the palace. He brought Qin Atta with him to heal Alpago Han’s wound. In exchange for his life, he has two trump cards. You are the two prisoners in the hands of Çolpah Hatun. Determined to fight if necessary to bring his sons back, Alpago Han wants to put on his armor and what he realizes kills Akiz.

Kolpin Khan, who talks of a ransom with Alpago Khan for the captive Taggins, ushers in a new era in the relationship between Dag and Gok, but the terms of the agreement destroy both Timur and Gansili. Timur tries to burn the ships. Gunsley’s offer of help from an unexpected person put Gok Khanet in a difficult position.

Akiz and Batuga get along well during this process where they learn amazing things. When Batuga tries to save Akiz’s life, he and Akiz plan to capture Balmir with red hands. However, Balamir has played a big game this time and the plan that will change everyone’s life is working.


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