Destan Episode 26

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Summary of Destan Episode 26

“Oh enemy… This voice you hear is the voice of the Turkish army, which has sworn to erase you from your pain!”
Han’s fight for survival

In ‘Epic’ episode 26, Ulu Kam Archuray tries his best to cure Alpagu Han, Temur and Kaya who were poisoned with cepir. But without the resin, they cannot be cured. How will Alpagu Khan and Tegins, who gave a farewell speech with their children, get out of this situation?

Two-headed wolf vs. Obar

Alpagu and Tegins, whom Obar poisoned with cepir, are about to close their eyes on their deathbed. As Akkız and Batuga galloped towards the Sky Palace to cultivate the antidote resin, they met Obar and the Itbarak, who learned that the crown had been broken. How will the duel of Batuga and Akkız, who clashed on horseback, with Obar, who has sworn revenge, this time? What will be the choice between Akkız and Batuga risking their lives or growing the resin in the Gök Saray?

lovers in the midst of war

Akkız and Batuga, connected by Esrigün Kam with a belt; While they were coming to Gök Saray to give tihad, they were faced with chepir disease. The lovers, who are the heart and soul of the Two-Headed Wolf, found themselves in the middle of a new war before they could experience their happiness. What awaits this love in the ring of fire?

Call all the itbaraks on earth

Obar, who went to Esrigun Kam’s shop to take Barak Han’s crown with the news from the Russian ambassador, angrily swore revenge when he learned that Esrigun Kam had destroyed the crown. Obar, who swore to take the lives of all the Turks with the destruction of the crown, called all the itbaraks of the land to war against the Turks in search of revenge. What will be the fate of the war between Gök Khanate and Itbaraks, who flocked from all sides? Will history repeat itself or will it be rewritten?

Mei Jin’s Crossroads

Mei Jin, who had been in love with Temur since the day she thought she had lost Temur, was unable to win Temur’s love and was completely devastated when Temur called her ‘Passionate’ at her sickbed. Mei Jin, who couldn’t win back her love despite all her efforts, and her pride was broken, will she keep trying to win Temur’s love or take revenge for this?

Kaya’s test with her love.

Günseli, who was crushed by the shame she experienced after Kaya forgave her; She told Kaya that she would break up with her after he got better. What will Kaya do to avoid losing her to the unexpected offer from her roommate Günseli? Will Günseli, who was crushed by her love and shame, be able to keep her decision?

Gypsum dressed as Princess Sayina

Obar was not only able to obtain the crown of Barak Khan, but was also humiliated by Alchin, disguised as princess Sayina, in front of the Itbarak. Dressed as Princess Sayina, Alçin had cornered Obar, hinting that she was a descendant of Barak Khan and hinting that she would start a revolt against Obar. Will the Celestial Palace spy, Alçin, be able to raise all the Itbaraks against Obar and dethrone Obar?

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