Destan Episode 25

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Summary of Destan Episode 25

“When the dog shows a tooth, the wolf does not kneel!”
The hearts of Akkız and Batuga are connected

With the cession of Arçuray, Batuga and Akkız set about handing over the crown to Ulu Kam Esrigün for safekeeping. When they arrived at Esrigün Kam’s shop, Akkız and Batuga, who unexpectedly announced to each other, tied a belt and Esrigün Kam announced their union. How will this new situation of our lovers resonate in Gök Saray? Will the lovers be able to find each other this time?

Itbaraks Palace Game

The Itbarak had sneaked into the Palace of Heaven, killed the Gokben and burned the herbs they had prepared, leaving the rooms of Alpagu Khan, Temur and Kaya Tegins in smoke. What will be the fate of Alpagu Han, Temur and Kaya, who were knocked out by the smoke? Will the descendants of the Gök Khanate survive this assassination attempt harmlessly or will they pay the price?

The lineage of the khanate is in danger.

Itbaraks, seeking Barak Khan’s crown in the palace, knocked out Alpagu Khan, Temur and Kaya Tegins in his new game. Facing the scourge of the Itbarak’s new game, chepir poison, Alpagu Khan faces two deadlocks. Either the Khan will give the crown to Obar for the lives of his descendants, or he will give his own life and that of his children for the good of the Turkish nation. Faced with this impasse, will Akkız and Batuga’s plan to get rid of the scourge of the crowd succeed?

The Ambushed Obar’s Wrath

As if it wasn’t enough that Obar lost the crown with the ambush set for him, Batuga, whom he had set up and left to die, reappeared as the Two-Headed Wolf, causing all the Itbaraks to be horrified. However, what will Obar’s new plans be for the crown, who lost the war after Batuga wounded Obar with a dagger?

The hope of the Turks is the two-headed wolf

The two-headed wolf Batuga, the reborn Akkız, Alpagu Khan and Temur had saved the Kaya Tegins from the Itbarak. What will Batuga, heralded by Gök Tengri as the Gök Khanate, do to live up to expectations? Will Batuga, who was declared Tegin to unite the Turks, be able to restore the Gök Horde to his former might and take the western sky from the itbaraks?

Ulu Ece’s new moves

Ulu Ece, who threatened Günseli with his life, saw an unexpected response from Günseli and found himself in prison. What will be the new moves of Ulu Ece, who escaped from the dungeon with Alpagu Han’s offer of cooperation? Will old friendships or new enmities be formed in the palace?

Cholpan Khan seeks revenge

The Itbaraks, who entered the Sky Palace, clashed with Saltuk and Çolpan. The itbarak had shot and killed Sky Horde’s Yasavulu Saltuk from behind. How will Çolpan Han take revenge on the Itbarak, who lost his love, Saltuk, whom she was unable to meet?

Mei Jin risking her life for her love

Mei Jin, who has had loving feelings for her ever since she heard the news of her housemate Temur’s death from her, saved Akkız and cooperated with her. Mei Jin, who played a key role in the prepared ambush on Obar to win Temur’s love, will she be able to win Temur’s love, which she learned to live with? Will her marriage remain a political marriage, or will a home emerge from this marriage?

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