Destan Episode 23

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Summary of Destan Episode 23

“You’re a two-headed wolf!”

Will the winner be Batuga or Obar?

Showing the greatness of the Turk even in captivity, Batuga made an unexpected move to kill Obar. Will Batuga or Obar be the winner as a result of this move?

The new target of the Itbaraks

Resurfacing for centuries of revenge, the Itbaraks attacked and decimated the Gök Khanate to avenge their ancestors. What will be the next target of the Itbaraks, who mix their cruelty with the love of revenge?

A love in the grip of death

A far greater danger awaits Akkız, who ran from danger to danger to save Batuga. What result awaits Akkız and Batuga, who this time find themselves stuck in the stalemate of love and death. Will love or death win?

War of the khans

Obar, who attacked the Gök Khanate to avenge his ancestors; He had captured Alpagu Khan. Hundreds of years after Oguz Khan and Barak Khan met on the battlefield, under what circumstances will Alpagu and Obar meet this time? Will history repeat itself or will the outcome be different this time?

Kaya’s Throne Struggle

Taking advantage of the attack of the Itbaraks, Kaya, as if saving his life wasn’t enough, both took the throne and hatched a plot to prevent Alpagu Khan from returning to the palace. Will these moves of Kaya be successful? Will Kaya, who has made a deal with the enemies, be able to convince his own country?

The Revenge of Ulu Ece

Ulu Ece, who lost her crown through the betrayal of Kaya and Yibek, will not accept her situation and will take revenge. Who will get their share of Ulu Ece’s wrath?

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