Destan Episode 20

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Summary of Destan Episode 20

“Neither you nor Akkız … Neither Kaya nor Ulu Ece … At the end of the day, China will win!”

Akkız’s move turned away from Ulu Ece. Alpagu Khan asked why the ring that Temur wore at his birth came from Vargı Beg. Has Ulu Ece arrived at the end of the road? Akkız, who had moved to Ulu Ece, followed Kaya with Temur and went to the Western Gök Khanate. Will Akkız and Temur be able to get Kaya to confess everything?

Will Mejin eliminate all his opponents in one game?

Mei Jin, who rescued Batuga and locked it in a pit so that the blame would not fall on them for attacking the mountain, at the command of her father the emperor, was certain when Kaya accused them; Ulu Ece and Kaya made the attack on the mountain. He entered the second stage of his game and secretly informed Kaya where he was holding Batuga. Immediately afterwards, he sent Alpagu Khan there. According to the game he set, Kaya will kill Batuga, and Alpagu will see that one of his children killed his other child. Will Mei Jin’s game be successful?

The evil plan of Cholpan and Balamir!

Colpan, devastated by the massacre of his tribe, vowed to leave the streets of Gök as empty as Dağ and go to Gök Orda with Balamir. Their evil plan is one that could end not only the Sky Palace but also the Gök Khanate, but they find Saltuk in front of them. Despite his love for Saltuk Çolpan, will he be able to reveal this plan?

Alpagu Khan’s big step

While everyone was trying to manipulate Alpagu Khan, Alpagu Khan took his own big step. How will this step affect the future of the country and the family, forcing everyone to make a very difficult decision?

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