Destan Episode 19

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Summary of Destan Episode 19

“To save Batuga, we must overthrow Ulu Ece!”

Temur faced his illness

Akkız asks Alpagu Han to answer his lost oba and Kün Ata, but Alpagu Han knows nothing. Will Akkız believe Alpagu Khan? When Akkız came to rescue his mother, he could not find Batuga. They started looking for Batuga and Tutkun and they found Tutkun’s body. How will Temur deal with his severe pain?

What will be the new move of Ulu Ece, who is cornered?

Akkız and his friends, who searched throughout the forest, still could not reach Batuga. Akkız goes to Gök Saray and asks Alpagu Han for help! What will be the step of Ulu Ece, cornered because of the Alpagu Han and Akkız alliance?

Balamir and Cholpan Khan woke up

Balamir and Cholpan Khan, who were severely wounded by Alpagu Khan, woke up and regained consciousness. Balamir, who had survived Alpagu Khan’s attack, tried to make Cholpan an ally in his revenge, but Saltuk was found in front of him. What will be the side of Çolpan this time?

Surprising offers from Alpagu Han to Akkız!

Caught between being a khan and being a father, Alpagu Han makes a decision and offers to Akkız! What would Akkız’s response to this offer be, much to his surprise?

Is Batuga alive or dead?

Akkız had difficulty breathing and stood up in Batuga’s absence. Batuga, who could not be found despite all the searches for Akkız and Alpagu Khan, who had joined their forces, was he alive or dead? Who and why escaped Batuga after the attack?

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