Barbaroslar Episode 25

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Summary of Barbaroslar Episode 25

Khidr and the Levents, preparing to rescue Oruç and Antuan in exchange for the captured sacred objects, fell into a great trap and were attacked by the traitorous soldiers Shahbaz had placed in them.

Will brothers Oruç and Hızır, who were badly injured in this attack, be able to withstand the pressure they faced and reunite? Will Shahbaz’s betrayal be obvious?

What will İlyas do who had to bring Şahbaz to the task of water chief by order of the Messiah Pasha and unwittingly paved the way for his brothers to be murdered? What kind of confrontation will take place between Oruç and İlyas?

What will Oruç Reis do against the Messiah Pasha who led İlyas to heedlessness? Meryem had hit Şahsenem, who had provoked her with her accusations through Hızır.

How will my person take revenge on Meryem? Will Isabel finally be able to meet Oruç, for whose path she has been waiting so longingly?

Hamza Bey, the chief minister of Prince Korkud, who came to Kelemez, told Sabit Pasha and Hızır that Levitha Island was to be taken immediately before a war between Venice and the Ottoman Empire began.

Will Oruç, Hızır and their Levents be able to conquer Levitha Island? What new obstacles will await them along the way?

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