Barbaroslar Episode 24

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Summary of Barbaroslar Episode 24

Hizir Reis, who secretly entered Modon with Piri Reis and levents, managed to stop Gabriel, who was preparing to kill Oruç, with the sword he put on his neck. Will Gabriel die?

Will Hızır be able to rescue Baba Oruç and Antuan from captivity? Who and how will stop Messiah Pasha, who started a bombing raid on Levitha Island with the relief fleet he received from Şehzade Korkud, despite knowing that Oruç would be killed?

Meryem shared his suspicion with Hızır that the traitor in them was my personal. How will my person harm Meryem, which prevents her from getting close to Hızır? Shahbaz, who learned that Khidr and his levents were going to Modon, was blocked by Şahin and his soldiers while he was passing this information on to Gabriel.

Will Shahbaz, who was taken prisoner in his place on suspicion of forming an alliance with Gabriel, be able to escape? İlyas, who went to the post by falling into the trap of the Messiah Pasha, was accused of infidelity and received a large slap from Hızır.

What will happen to İlyas, who was completely different from Hızır and knew he would be banished or executed if he tried to leave the hideout?

What kind of tensions will Meryem and Isabel, who broke up with Esma after their quarrel, experience in this process?

When fasting returns, what kind of confrontation will he have with his brother who has put on his coat, and what will he do about Messiah Pasha?

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