Barbaroslar Episode 22

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Summary of Barbaroslar Episode 22

Oruç Reis, who managed to capture Gabriel’s ships by capturing the attack on Levitha Island last season, did not release the vehicle despite all of Messiah Pasha’s warnings. Oruç Reis and Antuan, who agreed to attend a meeting that stood in Gallipoli to protect the Ottomans, were taken prisoner by Gabriel and his men when they boarded a ship. What will happen to Oruç and Antuan, whom Gabriel said he would make slaves?

How will Şahbaz, who captured Oruç and his plan, benefit from the situation in Kelemez? What happens to Isabel after Oruç disappears, waiting for their marriage to take place? Hizir, Piri Reis and the laces, worked the high seas to move the Venetian ships, which were stranded under the arrows of Pablo and his men. Who will save Khidr, Piri Reis and their rates from this ring of fire? How will Hızır save Oruç and Antuan?

The relationship between İlyas and Oruç, which was bad to take away from his job at Kelemez, was on the verge of breaking up. How can Messiah Pasha, who is always trying to provoke İlyas into Oruç Reis, attract İlyas to himself?

How could Firuze, who had come to Kelemez with the authority of Messiah Pasha, repay Hüma and his family? Personally, I was really impressed with Hızır who saved his life. What does Meryem look like in this situation?

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