Barbaroslar Episode 19

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Summary of Barbaroslar Episode 19

Oruç Reis, who had been barred from entering Alexandria for the murder of Christian union representatives, was hanged Krabbe, who had allied himself with the enemy and betrayed the Islamic world. Elias and Levant, on the other hand, manage to rescue Huma and Asma, who were on their way to Petro at the last minute. What will Oruç Reis and his family do now? How will Oruç Reis pay the fine for killing Krabbe? How will Feroza get his revenge when he encounters Krabbe’s body?
Knowing that her brother Martin was being held in secret cells by Shahbaz, Isabel joined Oruç in rescuing her brother. Will Oruç and Isabel Martin be saved? What will Shahbaz do if he wants to stop them?
Maryam, whom Petro convinced was Khizr who had poisoned her family and killed her consciousness, stabbed Khizr, who had come to her rescue. Will Khizr be able to get rid of this grip of death in the fort? Will Mary be able to get rid of the poison and get out of the palace?
Will Petro be able to rescue the Ottoman spies who were tortured by Admiral Salvator in the basement of the Empire? What will Petro do to stop Oruç and Hızır Reis, who are preparing step by step for the victory of Clemnos?

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