Barbaroslar Episode 18

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Summary of Barbaroslar Episode 18

The Rhodes Knights, who carried out a great massacre in Lesbos on the orders of Petro’s invasion, forced these Muslims to become Christians. Will Oruç Reis and his Levant, who managed to enter Lesbos with their plan, be able to save the Muslim people and Lesbos who endured the persecution of Gladys and Leonardo? What about Petro, who wants Lesbos? With her spiritual family and her determination not to give up her purpose, Mary was abducted in Clemnos on Petro’s orders. What will Khidr, who has lost faith in Mary, do after her disappearance?

What will happen to Mary, whom Petro has captured? Will Khidr and Maryam now take their place in the ranks of enemies? Oruç and Hızır assassinated representatives of the Christian Union in Alexandria. What will the relatives do after this murder in their own land? How will Oru take revenge on his family?

Oruch noticed that Shahbaz had a hand in the ambush that was thrown to kill him and pointed his gun at him to kill him. But Isabel, who needed Shahbaz to reunite with her brother, stopped Oroch. How will Oroch take revenge on Shahbaz? Will Oroch find Isabel’s brother himself, as he promised?

Feroz, who learned that a ship was coming from the Ottomans towards Huma, asked Shahbaz to fly the ship. However, Ahsanam, unaware of his brother’s agreement, saved the Ottoman ship on its way to Alexandria. What will Shahbaz do when he finds out that his ship has been destroyed by My Personality? What will Feroz do now, whose plans have failed?

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