Barbaroslar Episode 16

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Summary of Barbaroslar Episode 16

Petro, who was waiting for Venetian Leonardo Barbarago to be brought in to sign a treaty with the Christian Union, suffered a major catastrophe near the entrance to the Oro race in the castle. With this move, how will Baba Oroch affect the plans of Petro and the Christian Union, which aims to occupy all the islands in the Mediterranean where the Turks dominate, and how he will stop the artillery coming towards Lesbos? ? Khidr learns that Maryam helped him escape from the dungeons of Antoine and Leonardo, whom he had captured. Will Mary, who tries to kidnap Leonardo for fear that her brother Petro will be killed, tell Hazare the truth? What will Khidr do against this betrayal of Mary?

Reaching Unita’s documents in the inn with the information received from Şahin, Isabel discovered the place where her brother was likely to be kept and sent a message to Oru to help him. What will Isabel do, who is left alone in the absence of Oru, surrounded by masked men? Who will save him and how? Huma had succeeded in bringing sorghum from the Ottoman Empire for the workshop he was going to set up in Alexandria. What will Qaraba and Feroz do in the face of the gradual rise of the Ottoman Empire?

Shahbaz, disturbed by the strength of the Barbarossa brothers in the Mediterranean, took Daria Base and asked them to declare a border on Orwich, but Pierre Rais, who attacked the inn, frightened them with his sword. How will Shahbaz and Darya Bay take revenge?

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