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Barbaroslar Episode 03

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Summary of Barbaroslar Episode 03

Hayreddin learns that an ambassador will be sent to Carlos’s palace. It is a very good opportunity to infiltrate Charlemagne’s palace for the duty he received from the sultan. For this reason, Salih Reis and Nightingale from Kandiye kidnap the ambassador and take his place.

Andrea advises her spy Murad to stay close to the Barbaros family. Kemankeş Ahmet Pasha is very impressed with Seyyara, he will try to meet again despite her mother’s objections.

While Hayreddin was going to meet Sultan Süleyman in secret, he is ambushed, will he be able to get rid of this ambush?

Barbaroslar Episode 03 with English Subtitle

Barbaroslar Episode 03 with Urdu Subtitle

Barbaroslar Episode 03, kayifamilytv

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