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AlpArsalan Episode 33

Read the summary of AlpArsalan Episode 33 which also the AlpArsalan Season 2 Episode 3. Here you can also read the summaries of other famous Turkish Islamic Series episodes like Kurulus Osman Season 3, Barbaroslar, Destan in our Kayifamilytv website.

Summary of AlpArsalan Episode 33

Arslan Yusuf took Flora captive and asked Grigor to kill Yinal. Alparslanlar also came here and witnessed this scene. How will Alparslan save Yinal? Will Arslan Yusuf be able to secure his life after freeing Flora? Will Grigor bow to the threat of Arslan Yusuf?

The plan that Alparslan put into practice with great difficulty? What will Yınal, who infiltrated Ani in cooperation with Alparslan, do in favor of the Seljuks? Will he force Grigor and Alexander to make the wrong decisions with his guide? Will Grigor come to Yinal’s game? Or does he have other plans too? Seferiye and Alparslan began to get to know each other better.

Although they both start to warm up inside and love the other side, they try not to show it too much. Not knowing that Yınal’s refuge in Ani is Alparslan’s plan, will Öke try to do things that jeopardize the plan to save Yinal?

Tuğrul, who returns to Rey after what he saw in Baghdad, will be a guest in a castle, not knowing what will happen to him. What awaits Tuğrul on this visit?

Alparsalan Episode 33 with English Subtitle

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