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AlpArsalan Episode 32

Read the summary of AlpArsalan Episode 32 which also the AlpArsalan Season 2 Episode 3. Here you can also read the summaries of other famous Turkish Islamic Series episodes like Kurulus Osman Season 3, Barbaroslar, Destan in our Kayifamilytv website.

Summary of AlpArsalan Episode 32

There was an assassination attempt on Seferiye at Alparslan and Seferiye’s wedding, and Alparslan prevented this assassination at the last moment. The killer put Yinal under suspicion, saying that Yinal was behind this job. Yınal, who did not want this marriage from the beginning, tried such a job?

Or is the real criminal trying to hide by revealing the name Yınal? Alparslan will address this issue and investigate behind the scenes. What will Yinal, who is confused, angry and full of ambition, do against this slander? Not only the assassin, but also the master of Bukhara, who made the weapon, mentioning her name will put Yinal in a more difficult situation.

Will Yinal be able to absolve himself? What will Öke do to save Yinal from this ordeal? Grigor had learned that Razeen was working for Alparslan, and he strongly wanted her to work for him, keeping her daughter and wife hostage. What will Razeen do with this offer?

Will he betray Alparslan to protect the family from him? Will Grigor be able to hide that he is behind the murder at the wedding?

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