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AlpArsalan Episode 29

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Summary of AlpArsalan Episode 29

While returning from Surmari Han, Alparslan met Seferiye on the road and warned him not to wander outside Vaspurakan unannounced. Seferiye, on the other hand, resisted Alparslan, saying that she would not act on his word, and when Alparslan insisted, Seferiye stabbed him as well.

Seferiye thus hoped that Alparslan would abandon the marriage. Will this Seferiye plan come true? Will Alparslan give up getting married after this incident? What will those who see and hear this event make of the marriage between the two? What will be the reaction of Arslan Yusuf who wants this marriage to happen and how will he treat Seferiye?

Can Yinal, whose caravan of steel was confiscated by Alparslan, find out who exposed his plan? Will he repay Alparslan for what he has done? How will he deliver the steel he promised Grigor? Will Grigor’s quest for steel come to an end, or will he ply his trade in a different way? Will he be able to respond to Alparslan’s quest to enter Surmari and bring the drugs he took the steel from?

How will he deal with the offer of the merchants Alparslan and Nizamülmülk, whom Alexander refused to compensate for their losses? What else will Alparslan do to expand trade and win traders in Vaspurakan?

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