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Short Note on Alparsalan Episode 9

Alp Arsalan survives with the help of Alpagot, contrary to the plan of Kikamonus , and the poison is now healed by Alp Arsalan. Alp Arsalan stipulates that you can get poisoned only if you accept my terms.

But the officials who came with Kikamonus do not believe and return to their forts without curing Kikamonus.

In the city of Rey, which was the capital of the Seljuk Empire, Sultan Tughral appointed his cousin Ibrahim Enal as the governor of Mosul.

Kikamonus finally gets his healing from Alp Arslan under a plan. In fact, the plan is to give a secret message to the chief of Vasparkan, the nephew of Kikamonus, and hand him over to Vasporkan.

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The Kanak tribe, on the other hand, was the tribe of Alp Arsalan. But in the middle of the journey, the infidel warriors of Amir Bozan come and attack them. This war goes on for a long time. In a short time Alp Arsalan passes by with his soldiers, and they return to their tribe after killing the rest of the Qaramatis.

During the treatment of Akcha Khatun in the tribe, Sulaiman’s wife Karaja finds some evidence of Akcha being a traitor, she takes them and informs the whole family about it. Alp Arslan also knows this, and he remembers some old things that Akcha hid. Similarly, Alp Arslan devises a plan for how Akcha does his job.

So Alp Arslan writes a letter and puts it in the horse’s hair. After Akcha’s recovery, Akcha returns to his horse, and receives the letter that Alp Arslan had written as part of his plan. He was called to a place in it.

After Akcha reads this letter, Alp Arsalan puts another similar letter in the horse’s hair and makes the horse run. From this he was trying to find out who the person on this side is? with whom Akcha keeps meeting?

After the attack on the tribe, Alp Arsalan goes to Kikamonus to find out who is behind them. And where is their place?

Kikamonus learns of Akcha’s injuries, which infuriates him, and he meets Amir Bozan at an inn. But there is a war between them. After the death of several soldiers, Amir Bozan escapes, injuring Kikamonus.

According to the plan of Kikamonus’ niece, it is decided that he would help Sinha to enter Wasporkan when no one is in the fort. At the same time, Kikamnus keeps Alp Arsalan busy outside the fort and gives him the address of Qaramata to capture the fort.

Alp Arslan leaves Wasparkan with his soldiers. The chief of Wasporkan signals to Cacamonos to enter the fort.

Kikamonus sends his general Diogenes to capture the fort, but he is attacked. The attack is planned by Sardar Anal and the fort chief. During the attack, the chief of the fort is captured by the Byzantines and imprisoned.

According to his plan, Sardar Anal counts the area of ​​Alp Arsalan in his area in order to protect Wasporkan.

According to Alp Arsalan’s plan, Alp Arsalan arrives in the area to fetch the Akcha woman and the hidden person who met her, and what do he see there?

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