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Alp Arsalan Episode 3

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Summary of AlpArsalan Episode 3

alparslan, who finds Yannis arm in the massacre, it asks vaspurakan castle in a great mood. Is unaware of slaughter or annis, while Kekavenous Seljuk crime. Hasan, Ace and his father, trapped in the country. The Ace is expected to be a very difficult choice. How will the ace out of this problem? The fact that death is dead bzntyn troops in general, due to the confusion of bznsyn.

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Kekavmenos is assigned to evdokia and dukas to solve this problem. What worried her hands on authority, it alprsslan is considered responsible. Alprsslan forms a deadly plan to eliminate. The news has sunk to kill and die ryy Obama. This alprssln alpngsn to prove that this is a dangerous plan is responsible for this task. Alprsslan will be successful in this project?

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