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Alp Arsalan Episode 23

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Summary of AlpArsalan Episode 23

What will happen in the new episode of Alparslan: The Great Seljuk, to be published on Monday, April 23, which tells the story of the conquest of Anatolia by Sultan Alparslan between the years 1048 – 1071. Alparslan, who infiltrated the castle with the plan they had formed with Kekavmenos was stuck in the dungeon with Diogenes’ counterattack.

The conquest of the Alps by the soldiers put Alparslan in a difficult situation. How does Alparslan get rid of the castle, can he save his Alps? What will Kekavmenos do to defend himself when his plan with Alparslan is revealed? What is the new plan of Diogenes, who cornered Alparslan? Will he release Alparslan or arrange a new game on him?

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Where are the Liparit Brothers in this game? The oba girls who went to the highland were attacked by the Liparit Brothers, Akınay was seriously injured. Will Akinay die, how will the women survive this attack? Will Liparit Brothers’ reaction to Alparslan be harsh?

What are the plans to work with Dukas and Yınal in accordance with their own goals? Will Yinal team up with Ferzat? Will Dukas be able to reform the dynamics within Byzantium?

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