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Alp Arsalan Episode 18

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Summary of AlpArsalan Episode 18

Alparslan, who entered the bust with the arrangement he had set up and took Bozan’s head and sat on the throne, now has no obstacles between him and Vaspurakan.

What will Alparslan do for Vaspurakan Gates? Will Alparslan, who preached a sermon on behalf of Çağrı Bey and had a coin cut in the bust, compete against Yınal? Will Yinal Sultan Tuğrul say he is uncomfortable with this situation?

How will Alparslan, who killed Bozan, whom the Karmatis call the supreme Natik, avenge his sister, will be welcomed in the camp? Will the mystery of Akça, waiting at the head of Nizamulmülk badly injured by the Karmati attack, be healed?

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Will Karaca realize that Şehver died due to his own fault, will Karaca tell Süleyman about this? How will Süleyman react when he finds out about this? As a result of the new rules to be implemented by Dukas, the governor of Vaspurakan, Kekavmenos and Diogenes, they had to resort to other avenues, while Alparslan will make new plans for conquering Vaspurakan.

What avenues will Byzantium resort to in cooperation with Bozan to get rid of the Seljuk threat after Bozan’s death? Will he wait for the Seljuk attack or does he have other plans?

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