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Alp Arsalan Episode 15

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Summary of AlpArsalan Episode 15

Alparslan, who made a plan to lift the siege of the headquarters, took Dukas hostage thanks to this plan. Will Alparslan, who offered to lift the siege by giving Dukas to Diogenes, be able to lift the siege with this exchange? What will happen to Dukas if the deal is not accepted?

With the game Alparslan set up, Emir Bozan’s cheating in the trade was revealed. What will be the next step for Emir Bozan, who is stuck in what Batur Bey told and showed to every Sultan? When one sees the true face of Emir Bozan, what attitude will Severy Sultan take to Emir Bozan from now on?

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How long will Yinal and his Alps endure at headquarters, which had a difficult time inside Diogenes’ siege of headquarters?

Will Akรงa, who regained Byzantine confidence in himself, be able to help lift the siege and in the next plans of the Seljuk?

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