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Alp Arsalan Episode 12

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Summary of AlpArsalan Episode 12

Alp Arsalan, who had kept Akça in the castle to trap Kyakominus, went to Ray to capture the attack on the palace, and when he returned, he learned that Akça had been abducted by Harris, a soldier from Yanal. Alp Arsalan, who is after Harris, tries to find out who is behind Akça’s abduction.

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Is this an Yanal? Are you bad Diogenes, who was appointed governor of Vaspurakan, prepares a big game to capture Akça before Alp Arsalan. Tuğrul Bey is taking action against the growing threat of miracles.

Will Alp Arslan know that it was Amir Bozan who kidnapped Aka? Knowing Akça as a Byzantine spy, what would Bozan want from Kekavmenos in return? Who will Kekavmenos deal with for ace? How will Akça, who is determined to kill Kekavmenos, get out of a situation he never imagined?

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